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Natural Resources

  • Blue Nile

    Blue Nile

    The Blue Nile originates from Lake Tana.

    • It supplies 86% of water to the Nile, (6,695 kilometers) the longest river in the world.
    • It is locally considered that the sacred source of the Blue Nile is small spring at Gish Abay, also known as lesser Abay (Nile).
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  • The Simien Mountains

    The Simien Mountains

    The Simien Mountains in Northern Ethiopia is called ‘The Roof of Africa’. It is over 4000 meters.

    • Three endemic animals , the Walia Ibex, Simien Wolf and the Gelada Baboon live there.
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  • Bale Mountain

    Bale Mountain

    Africa’s highest all weather road is in Senetti-Bale National Park in Southern Ethiopia it is above 4000 meters.

    • Bale is home to the endemic animal: The majestic Mountain Nyala and the Simien Wolf.
    • The wolves are more abundant in Bale than on the Simien Mountains.
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  • Ethiopian coffee

    Ethiopian coffee

    Coffee is the gift of Ethiopia to the world.

    • It originated in the province of kaffa from which the name coffee comes.
    • Ethiopia is one of the oldest and biggest exporters of coffee in the world.
    • It is first in Africa and the fifth largest producer in the world .
    • There are 600 coffee tree varieties.
    • Yirgachaffe” Sidama’ and ‘Harar’ and world famous Ethiopian coffee brands and are catered by ‘ Starbucks’ among others.
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  • Erta Ale

    Erta Ale

    The Erta Ale in the Afar region is one the three active. volcanoes in the world with a permanent lava lake.

    • It attracts many scientists and tourists who come to study the volcanic areas and see the moon- like landscape in the region
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