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  • Axum Obelisk

    Axum Obelisk

    The powerful state of Axum was ranked by Persian philosopher and historian main as one of the four great kingdoms of the ancient world along with Persian, Rome and china.

    • The tallest and oldest man-made obelisk in the world is the fallen obelisk in Axum. It is 33 meter high and weighs 500 tons.
    • The second largest obelisk the same area, a solid block of granite like stone 24 meter high and weighing more than 120 tons was taken by the Italians to Rome in 1937.
    • It was returned from Rome to Axum in April 2005 and re-erected to its original site in August, 2008.
    • This obelisk made history by being the only mammoth stone to be moved between two continents (Europe and Africa).
    • The third largest obelisk which is 23 meters high still stands in Axum.
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  • Temple of the moon

    Temple of the moon

    A pre-Christian “Temple of the moon” at Yeha near Adawa , in Northern Ethiopia was the center of the sabean civilization with a high civilized city- state before 5th century B.C.

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  • The replica of the arc of the covenant

    The replica of the arc of the covenant

    Christianity was established in Ethiopia in the beginning of 330 AD.

    • The Ethiopian Orthodox Church is 1,600 years old.
    • It has thousands of churches, each with its own ‘Tabot’ a replica of the Ark of the Covenant.
    • There are millions of followers of the Ethiopian orthodox ‘Tewahedo’ Church and it is the largest of the oriental churches.
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  • Ancient coins of Ethiopia

    Ancient coins of Ethiopia

    The first Ethiopian Emperor christian Ezana made Christianity a state religion in 4th century.

    • Ethiopia became the first country in Africa south of the sahara to do so.
    • Ezana was the first ruler in the world to engrave a cross on his coins.
    • Ethiopian used gold coins for centuries
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  • Lalibela rock-hewn churches

    Lalibela rock-hewn churches

    The Eleven ancient remarkable rock-hewn churches of lalibela in Wollo are world famous.

    • The ‘Bete Medhanialem’ (house of savior of the World) church in Lalibela with dimension of 33.5 meter by 23.5 meters is considered to be the largest rock hewn church in the world.
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