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  • The St. Stephen monastery on lake

    The St. Stephen monastery on lake

    The Estifanos (St. Stephen’s) Monastery on lake Haik – Wollo was built (around the 8th century church of Axumite origins) in 1248 Emperor Yekuno Amlak.

    • St. Tekle Haimanot was educated there
    • It was St. Tekle Haimanot and other monks who established the revered monastery of ‘Debre Libanos’.
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  • Harar


    The medieval 10th century Harare is the walled city in Ethiopia and had five gates.

    • Harare is well known for its Islamic learning and Scholarship as well as its handicrafts, weaving , basket making and bookbinding.
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  • Blue Nile

    Blue Nile

    The Blue Nile originates from Lake Tana.

    • It supplies 86% of water to the Nile, (6,695 kilometers) the longest river in the world.
    • It is locally considered that the sacred source of the Blue Nile is small spring at Gish Abay, also known as lesser Abay (Nile).
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  • The Simien Mountains

    The Simien Mountains

    The Simien Mountains in Northern Ethiopia is called ‘The Roof of Africa’. It is over 4000 meters.

    • Three endemic animals , the Walia Ibex, Simien Wolf and the Gelada Baboon live there.
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  • Bale Mountain

    Bale Mountain

    Africa’s highest all weather road is in Senetti-Bale National Park in Southern Ethiopia it is above 4000 meters.

    • Bale is home to the endemic animal: The majestic Mountain Nyala and the Simien Wolf.
    • The wolves are more abundant in Bale than on the Simien Mountains.
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